Hudson Auto Mart Finance

We have explored providing in house or arranged finance options for our customers but found that is was just too expensive for our customers.

Therefore we have elected to work with Credit Unions as they offer the least expensive option for our customers.

  • A) They are non profit
  • B) They have the lowest rates
  • C) They are happy to make smaller loans
  • D) They are easy to work with and treat our customers with respect at all times
  • E) They work with our customers to set up the loans to work for them
  • F) They do not charge for early payoff
  • G) They will take into account past credit issues - we can tell you which ones

We are happy to recommend Credit Unions that we have worked with for years but understand most all are great to work with. Just let us know if we can help.

Credit Unions are just the best option for our customers and as we can not begin to compete on costs we are pleased to help you in anyway find a credit union for you.

The Finance Application on our site is just a sample form to give you an idea of what will be asked by most credit unions. (each will have their own form)

Fill out the form